By nature and essence Tavlit has always been very much aware of the importance of preserving our natural resources. We have always thought our business is more than "just another business" and have done our utmost to act according to the core values of creating a sustainable business - for the benefit of global future and all stakeholders.   As it is our industry to improve usage of water and to prevent unnecessary loss, we are investing time and money in constantly improving our products and trying to enhance R&D efforts in new directions - all aiming sustainability.   The attempt to reduce our carbon footprint is concentrated on better use of energy and hope to install a solar system in the coming future.

Workplace environment and work-life balance

The company has always found it important to create a high quality, demanding, and professional environment, alongside a familial atmosphere. Our employees are not merely that, they are a key factor in our continuous ability to build a successful company - one, which will be able to provide them with a secure working place. Our employees enjoy modern facilities and we make an effort to support them in time of need.   We believe Tavlit was established and continues to be based on basic universal values. It is our task to make sure these values are well implemented by all stakeholders.    
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