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831 - Large wetting diameter Mini sprinkler


Designed for irrigation of mature trees with large root zone.

Large Diameter -can be installed between two tress.

Used for low precipitation rate and high uniformity overlapping irrigation in greenhouses, flower beds and vegetables.

Can be used for frost protection and cooling systems.

Also applicable for Parks and home gardens.


Available flow rates:

16-240 liters per hour (0.07-1.06 gpm).

*For more information please refer to the attached  PDF and the technical software 

Series 831,841,850

IP -  Insect Protected Mini Sprinklers
These emitters are high quality and robust bridge constructed mini sprinklers which shut off after operation and thus preventing insects and dirt from penetrating the nozzle from outside.
The range of models and flow rates and the uniform distribution meet a wide range of applications.

The 8XX series includes the following models:

Model 831 - Large wetting diameter.

Model 841 - Large/Medium wetting diameter

Model 850 Part circle - This unique product is covering a part circle of 200°
Adding a deflector enables to reduce the part circle and irrigate 180°