Our Products

800 -  Large wetting diameter

Products are designed for irrigation of mature trees with large root zone.
Can be installed between two trees.
Full coverage irrigation in greenhouses, flower beds and vegetables.
Can be used for frost protection and cooling systems.
Technical Specifications:
Available flow rates:
20-240 liters per hour (0.088-1.06 gpm).  
Optimal working pressure:
 1.4-2.5 bar (20-36 psi).
Large wetting diameter: 5.3-10.5 m,(17-34 Ft).

Trunk Protector can be added in order to avoid wetting of the tree trunk
* For more information please refer to the attached PDF and to the technical software.

Series 80x - Bridge Design

This time proven series offers a wide range of spraying heads and swivels with a wide range of flow-rates constructed in a robust bridge.
The wide range of head and swivels covers all applications, from a small diameter bubbler to large wetting diameter mini sprinkler.

The 80X series includes the following models:

Mini Sprinklers:
Series 800- Large wetting diameter.
Series 801-Low pressure &Large wetting diameter.
Series 803-For greenhouses irrigation, the emitter is installed inverted.  

Spraying Heads:
Series 806/806S- Static sprayer for medium/small wetting diameter.
Series 807- Bubbler.
Series 809-Mister.