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Modular Flow Regulator -

The 560 flow regulator is a modular flow regulator that can be connected to any TAVLIT emitter. Flow rate is determined by the flow regulated and the following chart explains clearly the right combinations. For additional combinations please consult TAVLIT customer service.
Canbe connected to a wide range of emitters.
Uniform flow rates regardless the inlet pressure.
Large water passage.
Includes an integral filter.
Easy maintenance; debris can be flushed away with water jet from the other

  Technical specifications:
  Flow regulation range: 1.5- 4 bar (21-58 psi).
Available flow rates:20,25,40,50 (0.09,0.11,0.18,0.22 gpm).
Model 560F-For models 861,862,and sprayer heads models 44XX.
Model 560M –For models 831,841.

Regulated Micro Sprinklers

Flow regulated emitters keep the flow constant regardless changes in the inlet pressure.

Used in irrigation systems installed in slopes and difficult topographic conditions in order to guarantee the right flow in each emitter.
In irrigation systems where the pressure fluctuate.
In systems with longer laterals or smaller diameter pipes

TAVLIT  offers two lines of flow regulated products:
Integral flow regulated emitters.
Modular flow regulator that can be connected to any TAVLIT emitter.