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Series 961 - Single Jet

The 961 series operates on a patented concept based on Ein Dor proven water turbine and as a result irrigates with a smooth and balanced operation.
The one jet design enables the use of low flow rates and still keep the large overlapping spacing.

Ideal for crops that are sensitive to uniform water distribution, such as Vegetables, Carrots, potatoes,Onions, Greens and other crops that require low precipitation rates.
Also applicable for Nurseries, Green Houses, Cooling and Frost Protection.
Full coverage of plantation (Banana, Avocado, Kiwi, Mature trees etc.).
Parks and Gardens.

Available flow rates:120,160 lph (0.53,0.70 gpm).
Other flow rates are under development.

Series 961

Series of low flow rates sprinklers single jet sprinkler,
enables growers to reduce precipitation rate and still enjoy the benefits of TAVLIT sprinklers with regards to uniformity, trouble free operation and simple installation.