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Non Drip Valve -

The Non drip Device is a water pressure valve that opens only when the water opens and pressure reaches the present pressure and closes when the water is closed and pressure drops .This way the pipes are kept full, water is not wasted and cycles can be shorter.


Prevents drainage of the pipes and dripping from the emitters when opening and closing the water system.
Used in hot houses and nurseries irrigation, misting and seedlings and rooting.
Also Applicable in Chicken coops and animal houses cooling systems.
Used in pulse irrigation systems.
In sloped areas the NDV prevents overflowing from the emitters in the lower end of the field when closing the water.

*For more information please refer to the attached PDF


Used to create fine fog for various applications


Primarily for climate control –Reduction of temp and adding humidity to the air.
Used for germination, rooting and seedling.
Applicable for humidity controlled environment.
Used for reducing high temperature and creating micro climate conditions in greenhouses, chicken coops and animal houses.
For more information please refer to the attached PDF