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Eitan filters male connectors

EITAN filters with male connectors -

Available sizes:3/4"-2" (20-50 mm).
Unique: Swivel type connections,(Female), for easy installation.

Screen can be supplied from polyester or Stainless Steel

Filtration range:40,80,120,140,155,200 Mesh
Materials:  Body: P.P.
 Screen: Stainless steel or Polyester.
 Cup: P.P.
 O-Rings: EPDM.
For more information please refer to the attached PDF

EITAN Filters

EITAN filters are offered in screen and disc.
Available sizes:20 - 50 m"m (3/4"-2")
Available Screen:
Polyester Screen:40,80,120,155,200 mesh.
Stainless Steel screen :80,120,155,200 mesh.
Available Disc element:
 40,80,120,140 mesh.
all filters are available in male and swivel connectors
 11/2" and 2" (40 and 50 mm respectively) are offered in standard and compact models.
 For more information please refer to the attached PDF´s