863 Mini Compact Small Wetting Diameter


  • The product is designed for irrigation of young or mature trees with small root zone
  • Applicable for landscape and home gardening
    Special Features:
  • The product combines very low flow rates, from 20l/h (0.09gpm) with relatively large droplets.The 863 mini-sprinkler can be supplied with RJC (Removable Jet Converter), a device that converts the water jet into large droplets spread evenly on a small diameter and is intended for irrigation of young plantationThis device can be removed easily once the tree grows and a larger wetting diameter is required.
  • Product nozzle is equipped with NFR (nozzle flow reducer), enabling low flow with a relatively
    large nozzle that prevents clogging

Technical Speciifcations

  • Product can be supplied with 20, 40, 50 lph, (0.09, 0.18, 0.26gpm), nozzle
  • Nominal Flow Rate: at 2.0bar (29psi)
  • Working Pressure Maximum Range: 1.5-3.0bar (22-43psi)
  • Medium Wetting Diameter: 3.8m (12ft)
  • 863 series can be supplied as PC (pressure compensated) model

Series Technical Specifications

86x Video

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