Plas-Fit announces the acquisition of Rain Line’s irrigation activity:

Published in: 17.11.2022

Plas-Fit is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Rain Line’s irrigation division. 
Rain Line, a subsidiary of Rain S.P.A., is one of the world’s foremost leaders in the development and production of irrigation controllers and accessories. with factories in Italy and branches stretching from Hong Kong to France, and an enduring partnership with American-owned, K-Rain, Rain S.P.A has gained substantial trust in the global market of the last few decades. 

Rain Line markets a variety of products from leading companies in the water sector, to the commercial sector of gardening and agriculture in Israel. 
The acquisition of the irrigation division will allow the Plas-Fit Group to substantially increase their range of products by exclusively representing Rain in Israel as well as spearhead innovation for the next generation of irrigation controllers. Plas-Fit’s world renown innovation lab has a proud history of delivering value and ingenuity to their stakeholders, this can now be expanded thanks to Rain’s unique knowledge of controllers and irrigation. Plas-Fit is proud to have Rain Line now as part of the Plas-Fit family and look forward to a successful partnership.

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