TAD-“Adir” Automatic Disc Filters Batteries

Filter Type




TAVLIT line of automatic disc filters model TAD combines high quality depth filtration with efficient flushing of the disc element. The filter element is composed of highly accurate grooved discs from excellent quality plastic materials.
The grooved discs are compressed together to form the filtration element.
The intersections between the grooves and the outer surface of the element offer large effective filtration surface with in depth area used to stop debris is especially effective in filtration of organic matter.


  • As main filter battery for AG, Turf and large landscape projects
  • Suitable for low quality water, especially water with high load of organic matter.
  • Applicable for industrial application, even when the water is corrosive
  • Used as prefiltration in systems when a high degree of filtration is used to protect the main filters

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 10bar
  • Min Pressure Required for Flushing: 2.5bar
  • Flushing Flow Rate: 9.5m3/h
  • Available Filtration Grades: 20-425micron;


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