EXL Foggers


  •  Used primarily for climate control – reduction of temp and adding humidity to the air
  • Used for germination, rooting and seedling
  • Applicable for humidity controlled environment
  • Used for reducing high temperature and creating micro climate conditions in greenhouses, chicken coops and animal houses
  • Very small droplets allow in air evaporation and minimal wetting of the ground
  • Incorporates a vortex design, breaking the water droplet to a fine mist
  • Modular, lightweight and easy to install, maintain and configure
  • Three part construction with O-Ring for a tight seal and leak proof

Technical Speciifcations

  • Engineering raw materials: Body – Polyester (PBT), O-Ring – EPDM
  • Nominal flow rate at 3.5bar, (51psi)
  • Operating pressure: 2.5 to 5.5bar, (36-80psi)
  • Cover Diameter: 60-120cm, (2-4ft)
  • Pattern 360º
  • Trajectory angle 800 to 1000
  • Average droplet size 60-100micron, (2.5-4.0mil)
  • Installation spacing defers by application, please consult the product technical page or contact TAVLIT
  • Recommended Filtration: 200mesh (80micron)
  • The use of NDV is highly recommended in order to prevent dripping, keep the laterals full and save water

Series Technical Specifications

Video - Foggers

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