Misters Model 4191


  • Used for germination, rooting and seedling
  • Applicable for humidity controlled environment
  • Used for reducing high temperature and creating micro climate conditions in greenhouses, chicken coops and animal houses
  • For irrigation of single bench plants in single lateral
  • INF – Integral Nozzle Filter-Protects the nozzle from debris and clogging
  • Firm Construction – For harsh field conditions
  • Static Operation – No moving parts ensures trouble free operation
  • Excellent performance – Misters create very fine droplets 0.15mm at 3bar (6micro inch at 43psi). The size of the droplets become smaller when the pressure increases

Technical Speciifcations

  • Available Flow Rates: 12-180lph (0.05-0.79gpm)
  • All nozzles are black, Flow rate is imprinted on the bridge
  • Nominal Flow Rates: at 2.0bar (29psi)
  • Working Pressure Maximum Range:
    1-5bar (14.5-72.0psi)
  • Recommended Working Pressure:
    2.0-3.5bar (29-51psi)
  • Can be connected to NDV (non-drip device) in order to prevent dripping when opening and closing the water, keeping the pipes full and shortening the pulsing cycle

Series Technical Specifications

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