Models 800-801


  • Products are designed for irrigation of mature trees with large root zone
  • Due to the high uniformity and large diameter, the emitter can be installed between two trees
  • Full coverage irrigation in greenhouses, flower beds and vegetables
  • Products can be used for frost protection and cooling systems

Technical Speciifcations

  • Wide range of nozzles to meet all applications 20-240liters per hour (0.09-1.06gpm)
  • Nominal Flow rate at 2.0bar (29psi)
  • Optimal pressure range 1.0-2.5bar (14.5-36.0psi)
  • Large wetting diameter: 5.3-10.5m (17-34ft)
  • Recommended overlapping spacing up to 5 x 5m (16 x 16ft)
  • Trunk Protector can be added in order to avoid wetting of the tree trunk
    Model 800:
  • Optimal Operating Pressure: 2.0bar (29psi) for overlapping irrigation spacing up to 5 x 5m (16 x 16ft)
    Model 801:
  • Optimal Operation Pressure:
    – 1.4bar (20psi) for single emitter irrigation
    – 2.0bar (29psi) for overlapping irrigation at spacing up to 5 x 5m (16 x 16ft)

Series Technical Specifications

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