Series 700 Dynamic Sprayer


  • Applicable for irrigation of trees with Small/medium root zone
  • The emitter can be installed in upside down position for reduced wetting diameter. This is applicable for young plantation, enabling the grower to irrigate only the root zone and thus save water.After the tree grows the emitter can be set upright to irrigate the larger root zone
  • For greenhouses irrigation
  • No bridge emitter
  • Vibrating needle constantly cleaning the orifice and prevents accumulation of debris inside the nozzle
  • Insect protected- Needle shuts the nozzle off at the end of the irrigation
  • Uniform distribution in wide range of flow rates
  • Special engineering raw materials for long life and durability

Technical Speciifcations

  • Available Flow Rates:
    40-160liters per hour (0.18-0.70 gpm)
  • Nominal Flow Rate: at 2.0bar (29psi)
  • Recommended Working Pressure Range:
    1.5-2.2bar (21-32psi)
  • Wetting Diameter: 3.0-5.4m (10-18ft)
  • Recommended Filtration:
    100mesh for flow rates up to 40lph (0.176gpm)
    80mesh for flows up to 90 lph (0.396gpm)
    60mesh for flows up to 160 lph (0.704gpm)

Series Technical Specifications

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