TriJet Series


  • An innovative series of emitters specifically designed for irrigation of young plantation of oil palm trees and other trees planted in wide spacing.
  • The emitters throw a jet of water directly into the root zone, thus eliminating the waste of water and minimize growth of weeds.
  • Available in three configurations:
    BJet – 2 jets
    TriJet – 3 jets
    QuadJet – 4 jets
  • For irrigation of 2, 3 and 4 trees accordingly.
  • The emitter is connected to the P.V.C. riser with a specially designed base. The base is used for gluing it to the riser on one side and the other side is a specially designed connector enabling easy and quick connecting of the emitter. When the tree grows, the user can replace the TriJet emitter with a 920 sprinkler equipped with a bayonet connector for full coverage of the plantation. Thus enabling easy replacement of the emitter without cutting the pipe and gluing a new emitter, saving time and money.


  • Ideal for oil palm trees, rubber, citrus and other fruits
  • Adjustable nozzles that can be locked at the right position in order to guarantee that the water jet will direct the water to the root zone and the nozzle will not change its position during irrigation
  • The emitters are equipped with bayonet connection for easy installation and cleaning
  • The Bayonet connection enables the grower to change quickly ,easily and without cutting the riser and economically, to the 920 series which enable full coverage of the area
  • The emitter adaptor is a 3/4″ (20mm) socket adaptor that can be glued to the riser and has a bayonet connector on the other side where the emitter is connected
  • Recommended filtration – 60 mesh

Series Technical Specifications

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