530 – Non Drip Valve


  • Prevents drainage of the pipes and dripping from the emitters when opening and closing the water system
  • Used in hot houses and nurseries irrigation, misting and seedlings and rooting
  • When the area is sloped the NDV prevents overflowing from the emitters in the lower end of the field when closing the water
  • Chicken coops and animal houses cooling systems
  • Used in pulse irrigation systems
  • The NDV guarantees that the water pipes are kept full and therefore water is not wasted and cycles can be shorter


  • Wide water passage, low head loss
  • Stainless steel spring ensures long lasting uniform and accurate operation
  • Can be connected to the emitter from both sides (male or female connection )
  • Can be connected to all mini sprinklers
  • 4 Models are available

Series Technical Specifications

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