560 – Modular Flow Regulators


  • Used in irrigation systems installed in slopes and difficult topographic conditions in order to guarantee the right flow in each emitter
  • In irrigation systems where the pressure fluctuate
  • In systems with longer laterals or smaller diameter pipes
  • The 560 flow regulator is a modular flow regulator that can be connected to any TAVLIT emitter Flow rate is determined by the flow regulated and the following chart explains clearly the right combinations
  • For additional combinations please consult TAVLIT customer service

Technical Speciifcations

  • Flow regulation range: 1.5 – 4bar (21-58psi)
  • Available flow rates: 20, 25, 32, 50
  • Model 560F – for models 861, 862 and sprayer heads models 44XX
  • Model 560M – For models 831, 841

Series Technical Specifications

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