Adjustable Bubbler

About the series

TAVLIT offers a new range of adjustable emitters for residential gardens, planter boxes, large pots, flowerbeds, ground covers, shrubs and trees.
Emitters are offered in two models; on a small spike and as a button configuration for direct insertion to the pipe. An adjustable cap enables the user to control flow rates.
The Peleg emitters are constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic materials.

Technical Speciifcations

  • Full circle irrigation, gentle stream and an umbrella pattern
  • Flow Rates: 0 – 120lph (0 – 33gph)
  • Wetting Diameter: up to 1m (3.5’)
  • Recommended Working Pressure: 1 – 2bar (15 – 30psi)

Series Technical Specifications

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