Part Circle Model 961-P


  • For the edge of fields irrigated with full circle sprinklers in order not to wet the road and save water
  • For Home gardens and landscape
  • Can be used to irrigate wide strips and medians by spacing the sprinklers on both sides of the strip at spacings up to 8 x 8m (26 x 26ft)
    Available connections:
  • Plunger for PE tube 5/8″
  • Press fit for collar and 9/13 PVC tube

Technical Speciifcations

  • Insect protected – sprinkler shuts off after irrigation
  • Integral inlet filter
  • Currently Available in: 120lph (0.53gpm)
  • Other flow rates are under development
  • Optimal Operating Pressure:
    2.0-2.5bar (29-36psi)
  • Overlapping Spacing: up 8 x 8m (26 x 26ft), for wide strips and medians
  • Wetting Radius: 7m (23ft)
  • Required Filtration: 60mesh
    Special engineering raw materials for long life and durability

Series Technical Specifications

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