862 Mini Compact No Bridge Mini Sprinklers


  • The product is designed for irrigation of young or mature trees with medium or small root zone
  • Product can be used for low precipitation rate and high uniformity overlapping irrigation in greenhouses
  • Applicable for landscape and home gardening

Special Features:

  • The 862 mini-sprinkler can be supplied with RJC (Removable Jet Converter) – a device that converts the water jet into large droplets spread evenly on a small diameter and is intended for
    irrigation of young plantations
  • This RJC can be removed easily once the tree grows and a larger wetting diameter is required

Technical Speciifcations

  • Wide range of nozzles to meet all applications: 35-160liters per hour (0.15-0.70gpm)
  • Nominal Flow rate: at 2.0bar (29psi)
  • Working pressure maximum range: 0.8-2.5bar (11.5-36.5psi)
  • Optimal pressure range: 1.0-2.0bar (14.5-29.0psi)
  • Large/Medium wetting diameter: 3.8-7.2m (12-24ft)
  • Recommended overlapping spacing: up to 4 x 4m (13 x 13ft) in wind protected areas
  • 862 series can be supplied as PC (pressure compensated) model

Series Technical Specifications

86x Video

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