866 Mini Compact Large Wetting Diameter for Inverted Position


  • The product is designed for overlapping irrigation at upside down position
  • The product combines low precipitation rate and high uniformity overlapping irrigation
  • Product can be used in greenhouses, and nurseries for germination and seedling
  • Product can be used for cooling and micro climate systems in chicken coops, animal houses and greenhouses
  • The use of the NDV is highly recommended in order to keep the laterals full of water, preventing dripping from the emitters and saving water

Technical Speciifcations

  • Wide range of nozzles to meet all applications: 35-160 liters per hour (0.15-0.70gpm)
  • Nominal Flow Rate: 2.0bar (29psi)
  • Working Pressure Maximum Range: 1-3bar (14.5-43.5)
  • Optimal Working Pressure Range: 2.0-2.2bar (29-32psi)
  • Large Wetting Diameter up to 9.0m (30ft)
  • Recommended Overlapping Spacing, Inverted:
    Rectangular up to 6 x 6m (20 x 20ft)
    Single row up to 6.5m (21ft) hothouse width
    Two rows up to 12m (39ft) hothouse width

Series Technical Specifications

86x Video

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