“Adir” TSB Semi-Automatic Screen Filters Batteries

Filter Type




TAVLIT expands its offering with standard filter batteries for various flow rates.
The batteries are based on semi- automatic screen filters Model TS and supplied complete with all components and are ready for field installation. The flexibility of the solutions offered by TAVLIT enables users to have the perfect solutions for their needs in a cost-effective solution.


  • For AG, turf and landscape irrigation when
    higher flows are used
  • Most suitable for low quality water
  • Enables the user to perform flushing without
    opening the filter housing
  • Applicable when water supply cannot be
    interrupted even during flushing
    Simple and economical solution
  • Customizable according to client requirements

Technical Specifications

  • Available batteries 2–6 units of the TAVLIT all
    plastic semi-automatic Screen filter TS
  • Recommended flow rates 40-300m3/h;
  • Max. operating pressure 10bar; (145psi)


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