TDS – “Adir” Semi–Automatic Disc Filters

Filter Type




TAVLIT offers a unique and innovative semi-automatic disc filter that enables the user the advantages of disc filtration without the need of opening the filter and manually cleaning the discs on one hand and without the expensive and sophisticated control systems of an automatic disc filters. The cleaning process is simple and quick.
The user only has to turn the handle a 1/4 of a turn for 10-20 seconds.
The filters are available at 2 and 3” and flow rates up to 40m3/h (220gpm).

Water filtration for agriculture, turf and industry
Intended as control filter in subsections for easy cleaning
Most suitable for low quality water sources where the user prefers to clean the discs element without dismantling the filter
Special Features:
Flushing is performed simply by turning the operation handle a 1/4 of a turn. Quick and easy
Water for flushing the discs is filtered with
an internal screen
Small footprint
No external valves are required

Technical Specifications

  • Available Sizes: 2 and 3”
  • Max Working Pressure: 10bar
  • Max. Flow Rate:
    2” 25m3/h
    3” 40m3/h
  • Available in 20-425micron (700-40mesh).
  • Required Time For Flushing: 10-20seconds.
  • Required time to flush the secondary port –
  • Min. Flushing Pressure: 2bar
  • Flushing Flow Rate:
    2bar: 9m3/h
    3bar: 12m3/h
  • Filtration Area: 1025cm2
  • Connections: Thread BSP, NPT, Flange, Vic.
  • Construction Materials:
    Nylon, Polypropylene



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